WPForms Date Time Picker (Pro)

This plugin enables WPForms text field into a Date picker, Time picker or Date Time Picker by using CSS class. After installing the plugin you just need to add the necessary CSS class to the WPForms Advanced Options -> CSS Classes. If you use Multiple classes remember to separate each class with space.

Here is the classes to use in each field:

  • Only for Date Picker: walwpf-datepicker
  • Only for Time Picker: walwpf-timepicker
  • For both Date and Time Picker: walwpf-datetimepicker


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WPForms Demo
Pro Version

Active Installs

Pro Features

*  Unlimited website usage
*  Light / Dark Theme
*  Disable past date selection
*  Disable today if necessary
*  Specify weekend and disable if necessary
*  Disable specific date selection
*  Specify holiday and Disable if necessary
*  Maximum allowed date selection
*  24hr / 12hr time format
*  Hide/Show AM/PM
*  Change time step or interval
*  Provide Max and Min selectable time
*  Speed up website. Load script only at selected page