Salah Time, Jamat Time

Location based salah time and jamat time calender for mosque or Islamic center website. There is also a Fasting Time (Ramadan) calender in Pro version. As we know Jamat time can very from Mosque to Mosque. As a result location based jamat time may not work for all. So we have a backend jamat time editor. Admin need to update jamat time only once in a lifetime. This will auto populate for coming year forever

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Active Installs

Pro Features

*  Unlimited website usage
*  Unlimited theme color option
*  Fasting time calendar
*  Next Salah time widget
*  Salah Time table widget
*  5 wakt salah time
*  3 salah time layout
*  Backend editor for both salah time and Fasting time
*  Hijri date time shortcode